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  • High Quality Rice Testing Lab

    High Quality Rice Testing Lab We have high quality lab standard such as physical test, chemical test and sensory test for ensure that we offer the best quality for you.

  • Rice Product by Customer Requirement

    Rice Product by Customer Requirement We can produce rice and packaging as per your specification and requirement both in our brand and OEM.

  • Fast Shipping

    Fast Shipping We provide convenient and fast delivery to main port.

  • Factory with Food Safety Standard

    Factory with Food Safety Standard Our factory is certified for Food safety standard as ISO 22000, ISO 9001:2000, GMP and HACCP, So we can supply to all customer from every country.

  • High Technology Machine

    High Technology Machine We use high technology food grade and ERP System for control our efficient production line.

Welcome to Wonnapob

Professional Rice Exporter in Thailand

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting the high quality rice of Thailand. We provide exceptional and reliable service to our customers.

Food Safety Policy

We are committed to continuously improving the safety and quality of food products in order to achieve customer expectation and legal requirements.

Thailand is famous as a land of agriculture with world class rice plants used to make organic product. The hot climate and fertile soil lead to the marvelous and unique taste of Wonnapob’s rice. As a professional rice exporter in Thailand, Wonnapob provides and supplies the best rice products through our up-to-date automatic rice processing equipment. Our products are GMO free and are healthy and safe for the environment.

Our rice is verified and proved of No Genetically Modified Organisms.
We use only new crop rice of the year and use a freshness meter to prove the harvest period.
Our rice is enriched with thiamin, niacin and iron.

We offer a wide variety of fine Thai rices including jasmine rice, glutinous rice, brown rice, white rice and also a special blend rice. Our family’s extensive history in the rice business is well known. We can guarantee the highest quality product at the most competitive prices with professional service. We can also provide you with additional products, in the present, we sell salt, Paracetamol and foam to our customers in Papua New Guinea. It would be our pleasure to serve your needs.

Rice Product

Star rice is 25% broken Thai white rice with our special formula. Soft and tasty.

Salt Product

TABLE SALT is commonly used for food preparation. Star salt is 99.99% pure with moisture content of not more than 0.15% (by weight). It is conveyed to the Iodine

Foam Box Product

PS (Polystyrene) resin can be used to create light weight and affordable products. Its insulating properties make it ideal for both hot and cold food. Because it