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  • By Wonnapob
  • Jul 14, 2014

Ways to get rid of Weevils inside rice package

Ways to get rid of Weevils, Technique from Japanese and Thai Housewife

It's not unusual to find rice weevils inside your rice package because they are already inside the package when you buy it. This is common, as the weevils lay eggs in the crop and in the certain times the eggs hatch and you can see the weevils running riot in your rice bag. Sometimes, you can also have weevils sneak into the rice package after you open it and store it at home.

To get rid of weevils, Japanese housewife place several dried chili peppers in the rice container to keep the weevil away. For Thai housewife, they like to place lime kaffir lime leaves in the rice container to naturally deter weevils from infesting their rice.

Source: Dako Magazine and